A project from the heart

After months on the Mongolian steppes a idea was born. Combining our love for nature, culture and silence we offer lodgings in authentic Mongolian Gers here in Dutch nature. With every night you sleep in a Ger, we donate to amazing projects that support sustainable projects in Mongolia.

Overnachten in een Yurt Ger in Gelderland Veluwe

Steppes of hope

The Mongolian steppes are breath taking. Looking in the distance it seems that all you see is grass and dust, but when you look closer you see flowers that go far beyond your imagination. The best way to travel when in Mongolia would definitely be on horse back. The small strong horses of the steppes are fast and have amazing endurance. You can travel great distances on horseback, probably further than you want to be in the saddle.
After riding for hours a Ger (also known as Yurt) is a welcome sight. A Ger means resting your horse, hot milk tea and tasty cheese. You are always welcome in a Ger. Seeing a Ger in the distance after a long ride means looking at a white bulb hope.

Blauwe lucht Mongoolse steppes

Freunde des Altai Foundation

The amazing people from Freunde des Altai work in with Mongolian nomads in the Altai region. Due to increasing environmental challenges it has been hard for the shepperds to live of their life stock. Gerbnb donates part of what you pay for your overnight stay to Freunde des Altai. Mongolian horses at the ponyline